Because of the elongated profile of the SKŪP it is much easier to scoop up the feed once you have loosened it with the teeth.

There is even a liquid measure for those times when you are making sugar beet, fast fibre and other meals that need soaking.

If you’re faced with compacted or sticky feed, instead of using your fingers to break it up, you can turn the SKŪP upside down and use it as a rake.

The ridges on the side of the SKŪP are very clear measuring guides which means that you can measure feed accurately and consistently which is better for your horse and your wallet.

The only feed scoop with TEETH!

Riding leggings… because breeches are a thing of the past!

By Sam Hathaway of Lofthouse Equestrian I honestly never thought I would be a advocate of riding leggings. I'm not really a 'leggings' kind of person so when I noticed these were emerging on the market I never thought it would take off! Well... how wrong was I? I must...

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A Horse Cannot Live By Grass Alone

Is Your Horse Getting A Balanced Diet?   Where would we be without food?  Dead!  Every being on this beautiful blue planet needs food.  Humans have a wide variety from which to obtain their nutrients.  Horses on the other hand have evolved to mainly live off...

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How do horses know whether it is Autumn or Spring?

This blog isn’t about feed scoops and it isn’t about feeding horses but it is about horses and I think it’s timely and I hope you find it interesting. The horse’s coat is a useful indicator of its health.  Depending on the time of year and...

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Feeding Horses to Avoid Gastric Ulcers

I felt compelled to publish an article about ulcers after reading a piece in a magazine claiming that many performance horses have ulcers and their results remain good.  As untreated and unmanaged ulcers can be extremely painful and prevention is better than...

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